Sales Training Revamp

As the global leader of local commerce, Groupon offers consumers unbeatable deals while driving more business to merchants through price and discovery. In order to increase our coverage and build out our marketplace, it’s crucial for us to retain and attract new businesses. Building the best sales reps begins with our onboarding program. Our sales new hire training is an intensive 4-week program that teaches sales reps about our suite of products and how to effectively sell using our sales process.

Client: Groupon
Date: February 1, 2017
Services: Video Production

01. The Challenge

My task to was to revamp Groupon’s new hire training for sales representatives. I identified several problems after observing trainings, consulting with trainers and reps, and reviewing existing materials in-depth.

  • Branding – As a key department within Groupon’s sales organization, we lacked any branding and identity. The materials did not follow any of Groupon’s brand guidelines which affected how our department was perceived.
  • Structure & Consistency – Reps had difficulty understanding concepts because of poor course design. Too much information was presented at once and learning activities did not engage nor aid in retention
  • Clarity – Instructions for learning activities were unclear, which resulted in additional time spent setting expectations and clarifying details. This often caused sessions to stray off course and run over the allotted time.

02. Action

Through user research, I discovered three key problems with the current state. 

  1. Can’t get inspired – A user did not know what types of activities were available. If he didn’t know exactly what he was looking for, browsing by endlessly scrolling was not helpful.
  2. Can’t make an informed decision – When an activity was found, there wasn’t enough information to help him make a decision. Things such as age range, date, cost, hours, seasonality, booking etc.
  3. Can’t trust Groupon – Users wanted to see reviews and opinions from people who have actually completed the activity. They need validation that this activity will be a good purchase.

I focused specifically on improving the discovery stage because it was important to allow the user to discover things to do based on their needs. Whether the user is searching with an idea in mind or simply needs inspiration.


Introducing filters to help narrow down activities that meet a specific criteria. These filters are available to use in both the list and map views. Within the map view, the filters can be found on the top bar. Clicking the filter will reveal a modal that slides up from the bottom with the filterable options. Applying these filters will update the map view in real time allowing the user to see changes without leaving the current map view.

Within the list view, the filter button will reveal all the options in a single screen. The user is able to mark any that are applicable and apply them for refined results.

Guided Browse

The traditional Groupon browsing experience is an endless vertical scroll. I wanted to create a fun experience for browsing new deals through horizontal cards. Inspired by tinder-like dating apps, I thought this would be a unique way to not only view deals, but could also improve purchase conversions through a dedicated purchase button on the card.

Curated Collections

I wanted to create a discovery experience that inspired users by events already occurring in their lives. For example, celebrating a child’s birthday is a yearly event. While a parent may not be specifically looking for birthday activities at the moment, this “collection” will help position Groupon as the place to look when the time comes. Examples of other collections would be, indoor activities, outdoor activities, educational, etc.

The purpose of these collections is to help inspire our users. For those who are stuck and need ideas these new collections will save them some time and make their lives easier.

Event Details

I decided to restructure this deal detail page because I wanted it to be clear and concise. When a user is looking for an event/activity, there is a lot more information required in order to make a decision. I prioritized the key information first such as the event title, date, time, age rating, cost, rating, and location.

Adding key details in the event information such as parking, food, tips helps build credibility. We want to be transparent and list everything the user needs to know so they don’t have to leave our app and do their own research.

The next important piece is the user generated content. Reviews are listed for those who have time to go in detail, but I wanted to a quick and easy summary. The most used keywords are aggregated together, which helps users quickly identify if this event is a good fit.

04. Result

These concepts were presented to our Product team and served as a starting point for future product features and updates. My merchandized collections concept moved forward to be worked on as feature for Phase 2.

Client: Groupon
Date: February 1, 2017
Services: Video Production
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