Groupon Multimedia

Designing multimedia content to help sales and account management professionals excel in their goals

Client: Groupon
Date: July 28, 2017
Services: Video Production, Editing, Post Production, Directing, Graphic Design, UX Design, Project Management
Platorm: Multimedia
Design Tools: Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Audition

Creating content to help sales and account management reach their goals

As a multimedia designer I designed and managed projects from conception through delivery. I worked closely with subject matter experts from our business verticals to understand their goals and determined the best medium to produce content.  I created and produced videos, e-Learning modules, sell sheets, marketing collateral, and more.

Redeeming a Groupon Voucher

Created this video for our account and sales reps to help them meet their goals. Redemption was a a common question among small business owners so I created a video explaining how it works.

Restaurant Tipping – Best Practices

I created this video to share best practices with our restaurant partners to help them make the most from their Groupon campaign. We explain how to ensure customers are tipping and overspending.

Sales Rep Training

A sample of an e-Learning module that I created for our New Hire Sales Training Program. 

Merchant Testimonial

Produced merchant testimonials for usage on our website and social media. These videos helped our sales reps show success of similar businesses in their specific verticals.